Pine Island Public Library was opened in 1916 through an estate gift from Mr. Frank Van Horn. He supplied enough funds to obtain a site, erect a building and purchase the original books. The same building with some modifications including improved accessibility remains in use today.

Giving to the Library

Gifts of books and other materials are accepted, but without commitment as to final disposition and with the understanding that they are not necessarily to be added to the collection.  The same criteria used for the selection of other materials will be used in evaluating gift materials.

Receipts for income tax purposes indicating the number of items and the date of the donation may be given by the librarian when requested.  The library cannot assign a value to these items.

Money donated for the purchase of library materials or equipment will be acknowledged by a letter of thanks, a book plate, label, or sign identifying the donor, and, if appropriate, a news release.  The library encourages donors to place as few restrictions as possible on funds in order to permit the most flexible use of donations for the enrichment of the collection.  Funds may only be restricted upon approval of the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library Board and the City Council have the final responsibility for approval of all donated materials and funds.

Approved by VHPL Board of Trustees Feb 22nd 2010