When public  library service is established, except in any city of the first class operating under a home rule charter, the mayor of the city with the approval of the council for a city library  or the board of commissioners for a county library , shall appoint a board of five, seven or nine members from among the residents of the city or county.

— Minnesota State Statues, 134.09

The Van Horn Public Library has a Board of Trustees that serve for three year terms. They are able to serve for three consecutive terms, or a total of nine years. The Board typically meets on the 4nd Monday of even numbered months at 6pm at the library. These meetings are open to the public.

Our board members are:

Megan Garrity-Park President 2nd 12/31/2025
Kari Hoffarth Vice President 2nd 12/31/2025
Sarah Miller Secretary/Treasurer 2nd 12/31/2026
Hope Carroll-Rizzo At Large 3rd 12/31/2025
Ann Swanson At Large 1st 12/31/2026
Sara Tiner At Large 1st 12/31/2026
Brandi Veith Straloch City Council Liaison 12/31/2024