Request for Reconsideration of Materials


Patrons may challenge the appropriateness of materials in the collection.  A withdrawal request may be initiated by filling out the form “Request for reconsideration of library materials” located in the appendices and returning it to the library.

The Library Director will respond in writing to an individual’s request. The decision of the Library Director may be appealed to the full Library Board. Appeals must be presented in writing to the Library Board at least ten days in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. Decisions on appeals are based on careful review of the objection, the material, and Library policies including: this policy, the Library Bill of Rights, the Right to Read and the Right to View and the American Library Association’s guidelines on intellectual freedom. The final decision on appeals rests with the Van Horn Public Library Board of Trustees.


Request for reconsideration of library materials form

This policy is part of the Collection development policy approved 2/22/10