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No more overdue fines!

The Van Horn Public Library is pleased to announce that we are eliminating overdue fines for all of our items starting on January 1, 2020. The Library’s Board of Trustees approved this change at their December 2019 meeting as a way to increase access to library materials for everyone in Pine Island. 

“I have heard of more than one family who does not use the library because of the threat of overdue fines. Hopefully with this new policy, these families will see the library as a great resource for them for both recreational and educational materials,” said Rachel Gray, Library Director. 

 Many libraries across the country have gone fine free in recent years and the outcomes have been positive. Many report that they have a more welcoming and friendly reputation in their communities. Others say that they have more library materials returned since patrons are not worried about having to pay fines.

The Van Horn Public Library joins both the Brownsdale and Rushford Public Libraries in going fine free in SE Minnesota. “We are thankful that other nearby libraries have blazed a trail for us to follow,” Gray said. 

Next time you’re in the library, please consider supporting this new policy by using the donation boxes at our circulation desks. 

While the library is eliminating overdue fines, patrons are still responsible for fees associated with the replacement of lost or damaged books and other materials they check out. Library users will also be expected to pay any overdue fines that are accrued for items from other libraries in the SELCO region.